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Cedar Valley is a private reserve located in the water shed of Banano river with an area of 150 hectares dedicated to preserve the Tropical Rainforest.

The water shed of Banano River is very important for our province, because with the water shed of Bananito river supply drinking water to the port of Limon and some communities of the district of Matama. The port of Limon is the most important port city of Costa Rica and to maintain its development, the protection of its water sources is fundamental. Together Banano and Bananito rivers supply water for more than 70000 persons.

The high parts of these water sheds have forests under governmental protection which are: protected zone of Banano river, the water recharge zone of Bananito river and private reserves such as Cedar Valley Ranch. All of these have a big diversity of plants and animals among them these are some species in danger of of extinction, as well as endemic species which means that are autochthonic from the area and unique in the world.

Besides their function as water reservoirs for the province of Limon and their well known recognized ecological value, the forests of these watersheds help mitigate waterfloods in the low lands and have a big touristic potential for its natural beauty.


We are a family that had the chance to purchase a piece of land of 150 hectares and the Banana river banks, the enchantment that caused the natural beauty of the river gave us the idea of transforming the property in a natural refugee for the conservation of two very particular species of frogs that live in the area and that give benefits to all the natural environment that is located there.

The two frog species are: the red frog Dendrovatos pumilios and the green frog Dendrovatos Auratus wich are both unique in the world, endemic from the area.

In our shelter it is possible to appreciate a big amount of birds like: Montezuma oropendula, blue -hooded parrot, Bobo Chizo , Colibri Pechiazu l, Tragon , Green king fisher, Curre negro , Mosquetero Coludo , Sargentos, Toucans and pavas. Monkeys like the mantled howler monkey and the white troated capuchin; insects like the ants (cutter leave ants), bullet ants enfilas spider and dragonfly . With luck the turist will be able to see animals like: armadillo, spotted cavy, raccoon, guatusa, squirrell, three and two toed sloth, zorro de balsa and white tail deer.

The tourist will also be able to get to know a variety of trees among the most common species are : Cedro macho, Gavilan , Ceiba, Javillo, Pilon and Indio Desnudo and some plant like: orquids, bromelias and other types of epifit plants.

Due to the beauty of this place, the Pinto family that came here 30 years ago, wish that many people can see the place and enjoy the unforgettable experience of entering and having a close encounter with the beauty of the rainforest, you will feel an incredible energy that when you enter in it and see with your own eyes the diversity of flora and fauna from the place.

That is where Cedar Valley Ranch was born as a place where all tourist that arrives or comes through the city of Port Limon should be able to transport himself to an unforgettable experience.

In the Cedar Valley Ranch we have created three ways of living the experience to see the natural shelter :

1. Horseback ridding tour.
2. Jitney Tour or Wagon Experience
3. Hiking tour through the forest.

Horseback Ridding Tour

It’s a very nice adventure where you can admire the natural scenary that surrounds the tour path. You will be able to ride your horse along a small river and river bank, rainforest trails going up the mountains and enjoy the scenary that our view point offers. Also you will be able to meet the hundreds of frogs that live in our shelter, that distinguishes for its numerous population that it has. Entering the forest riding a horse is an adventure you will never forget.

Recommendations : long pants, close shoes, rain jacket in case of rain.

Price: $79.99 per person (Minimum 2 passengers)


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